Center Parcs have 4 stunning Village locations across the UK, each set in 400 acres of beautiful forest with lakes and streams. Each Village has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops. Center Parcs is committed to ensuring energy management is a high priority in the way business is managed and controlled. To illustrate this commitment, an ambitious carbon reduction target of 20% by 2020 compared to our baseline 2009/2010 year has been set.

SavaControls are now began to be used throughout the Center Parcs estates to help reduce not only the energy consumption, but also to help meet the aspiring carbon reduction targets met.

Before the rollout a trial was conducted at Sherwood Forest Parc, to illustrate the savings. The graph below shows the energy profile of a three phase walk in chillier used in the central kitchen. The saving is typical for the type of equipment and time of year.

Savacontrols Installation

Based on the successful trial a rollout of 368 controls was fitted throughout the Centre Parcs estates to a variety of equipment in the kitchens and bar areas. Coupled with the other energy efficient measures, in 2012 Center Parcs reduced its carbon footprint by 7.3% which equates to 4,572 tonnes.


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